February Birthstone

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Amethyst – February Birthstone & 6th Wedding Anniversary Stone


Amethyst has captivated humankind for centuries. The lilac-to-deep purple hues were once reserved for royalty or religious figures who wore it as a symbol of their important stature in society. Its lore comprises several claims to mystical powers, including that it would convey strength and wit to those who wore it. Amethyst was also associated with Bacchus, the ancient Greek god of wine, and wearing it was thought to keep the drinker sober. The most expensive color is an intense, deep, evenly colored purple and the least costly is pale lavender. Major sources of amethyst are Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and Zambia. 


Prasiolite, also spelled praziolite is the green form of quartz known as Green Amethyst. It is formed by iron content and heat. Prasiolite is also called vermarine. Prasiolite is the result of heat treating amethyst and citrine from sources in Brazil and Arizona. The sources for this gem of a gemstone have apparently run out.

The color of prasiolite varies from pale yellow green to that with the deeper shades of green and is sometimes confused with green beryl, peridot (olivine) and tourmaline. This stone is ideal for everyday wear and it is perfect for a wide variety of applications. The hardness of prasiolite is 7 on Mohs scale.

There is a natural prasiolite crystal from Brazil. The color varies from deep green to olive green.
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