Meet The Staff

In a small family business, most people “wear lots of hats”. Anybody can help you with whatever you need so the job descriptions here are just the main responsibilities of each person.

Richie is the President. Nobody knows how it happened. There wasn’t an election or anything, and his term never ends, but this is where the buck stops. You got any problems, let him know.


Kenny is in charge of keeping the Mount Dora store running smoothly now that Richie has moved to the  store at The Villages. He’s a genius as a designer and bench jeweler, so if your jewelry looks like a jigsaw puzzle, we bring it to Kenny.

Cheryl signature

Cheryl is the company “techie”… keeping the computers running and managing “behind the scenes” bookkeeping & paperwork. But don’t let that description lull you to sleep. She is dynamite in the showroom and makes sure you get exactly what you want and need. She doesn’t miss a thing.

Karen in blue frame

Karen specializes in design, inventory management and general customer fun. It’s often said that it “feels like a party” in here while Karen is helping the ladies play “dress up” with our jewelry.

mom framed

Carol is the proud Mom of all four listed above and has her own customer “fan club”. People come back from all over the country because of the way they were treated by Carol. In addition, she keeps Gold In Art’s showroom beautiful, constantly changing things up to focus on new additions to our inventory.


jeanine framed 2

You’ll find Jeanine on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, enthusiastically helping you try on our newest styles. Her passion for jewelry is contagious. It’s a drastic change from her Monday-Wednesday-Friday career as a licensed therapist. Her father (Carol’s brother) founded Gold In Art in 1985 with Richie.

matt-2Matt is Richie’s oldest son and is currently apprenticing under both Richie & Kenny. He may look like a poser here, but he is very charming and fun to be around. He’s the fourth generation of jewelers in the family. It’s nice to have “one of the kids” here in the store.

Lauri framed

Lauri joined us in August 2010. It became obvious during the interview process that Lauri was a “keeper”. She has owned her own business, and has been part of her own family business. Her smile and positive attitude are contagious, and when combined with her ability to put your needs first, we knew she was a perfect fit.


Lynann joined us in October 2011. She has worked for CHANEL and owned her own salon, but the feeling you get when she’s with you is that she is welcoming you into her home. I wouldn’t be surprised if she offers you a piece of pie. In her down time, she loves to crochet and dance.

Kelsey is Cheryl’s oldest daughter and first joined Gold In Art in August 2010, but left in 2012 to be a stay home mom.  She came back in 2015  as a bundle of happy energy! She’s ready to celebrate special occasions with you and will bend over backwards to help you with your jewelry needs!

JT with border

JT joined Gold in Art in October, 2015. A recent graduate of the University of Florida with a BFA in sculpture he has owned his own printing company. He accepts tips over 20 dollars. He likes long walks on the beach and is an Aries. His favorite color is Mauve. JT believes there is nothing better than a good book and an evening at home, but also releases his wilder side some nights out on the town.



Kristen became part of the family in April of 2016.  She doesn’t have a sales background, but enjoys meeting people and making friends.  She recently moved to the area to be closer to her parents.  Kristen loves all animals (including rats), country living and most genres music.  She’s a blast.


pameliaPamelia is a Mount Dora native and has been friends with Kelsey since childhood. She is new to the jewelry industry, but that doesn’t matter. Her positive personality makes her a practically perfect fit. Plus, she ran a high-class Country Club for 4 years, so she knows what it takes to give you an experience you’ll never forget…unless your memory is going.