Gold in Art made me so happy

Lori Brenneman Gold in Art made me so happy they brought me to tears! I had taken them a diamond ring of mine that had belonged to my Grandma. The center diamond had fallen out. I brought them my original engagement ring, and they were able to put that diamond in my Grandma’s ring making for one GORGEOUS sentimental piece! One that I, and hopefully future generati[...]

Love the family owned and operated team

Buffy Carroll Love the family owned and operated team at Gold In Art. Kenny, Jeannine and Sheryl were all very helpful and knowledgeable, not to mention my wedding set of 24 years look brand new. {"@context":"","@type":"review","itemReviewed":{"@type":"Product","name":"Gold In Art Jewelers"},"name":"Love the family owned and operated team","aut[...]

You were superb!

Barbara Gould You were superb! A+ and thank you!😎 {"@context":"","@type":"review","itemReviewed":{"@type":"Product","name":"Gold In Art Jewelers"},"name":"You were superb!","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Barbara Gould"},"reviewBody":"You were superb! A+ and thank you!😎","datePublished":"2018-02-17",}

Had a great experience

Susan Abel Had a great experience on a busy Saturday at gold in Art. Picked up some jewelry repairs that were fixed timely and items cleaned beautifully. Though I didn't buy jewelry the staff were most attentive. My grandkids were with me and the 3 of us received complimentary ice cream vouchers and the boys received candy necklaces. Boy did that make their day! My[...]

Great customer service

Rossana Chirinos Champlain I needed my bracelet fixed last minute and they did it in two days. I think that’s great customer service {"@context":"","@type":"review","itemReviewed":{"@type":"Product","name":"Gold In Art Jewelers"},"name":"Great customer service","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Rossana Chirinos Champlain"},"reviewBody":"I need[...]

Very helpful

Leigh VanBeek Very helpful and will return in the future {"@context":"","@type":"review","itemReviewed":{"@type":"Product","name":"Gold In Art Jewelers"},"name":"Very helpful","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Leigh VanBeek"},"reviewBody":"Very helpful and will return in the future","datePublished":"2018-02-23", }

My very favorite jewelry store.

Maryann McNamara My very favorite jewelry store. Have had jewelry repaired, rings sized and new pieces created over the last 10 years by a group of very talented craftspeople. Excellent service and the staff always makes me feel like I'm part of the family. Lots of pretty pieces you won't be able to resist. Highly recommend. {"@context":"","@ty[...]

Took care of me immediately

Christian Bradenburgh I'm working from out of town and needed a ring resized asap. After getting the run around from Zales own jeweller i contacted GIA Jewelers. They were very courteous and took care of me immediately. {"@context":"","@type":"review","itemReviewed":{"@type":"Product","name":"Gold In Art Jewelers"},"name":"Took care of me immed[...]

They did a nice job

Tammie Brown Just had my wedding ring resized. They did a nice job. It was less expensive than I thought it would be and they had it finished sooner than I expected. {"@context":"","@type":"review","itemReviewed":{"@type":"Product","name":"Gold In Art Jewelers"},"name":"They did a nice job","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Tammie Brown"},"rev[...]