Best Service Anywhere

A few years ago Gold In Art replaced a battery in my watch and replaced the band with a factory band; not a scratch on the watch, perfect. Today I walk in the Mount Dora store and three people are falling over me trying to help me find a horn because I asked for help. Then I'm told Gold In Art can clean the one I have and that there is nothing wrong with it. I walk ou[...]

Incredible Customer Service at Gold In Art Jewelers

We continue to enjoy the artistry and incredible customer service at Gold in Art Jewelers. This is a wonderful family owned business that does unusual custom design. We recommend to anybody to walk in, browse, and take home a real heirloom piece of jewelry. Pat and Don Schultz

They Are Now Spectacular

So incredibly happy with the professional way everyone at Gold In Art took care of us!! My wedding rings had to be cut off my hand, as well as I had lost a diamond too, so much damage....but they are now spectacular!!!! I LOVED the thoughtful consideration taken to make my wedding rings totally restored!!! Thank you to everyone at Gold In Art!! Sending love and goodne[...]